15 Things my parents have taught me
1. Righty tighty, lefty loosey,
2. Electrical tape fixes everything except a broken heart
3. If all else fails use gum, half a milk jug, tape, and the car will make it to the next gas station.
4. Read everything.
5. No matter where you go, there you are. So if im gonna run make sure I am not the cause of my problems.
6. Sundays are the best days to go behind thrift stores and find cool stuff.
7. How to cook for myself, and how to cook for over 20 people.
8. Always wash the dishes as soon as I’m done with them
9. I don’t need a man to make things work.
10. A man may think he’s in charge, but the women are the ones with the real power.
11. Never tuck your thumb in when you throw a punch.
12. Never throw the first punch.
13. If you get into a fight, make sure the other person looks worse than you, and give them something to remember you.
14. Being clever, scathing, and adding a liberal dose of contempt will take you farther than fists.
And most importantly.
15. They taught me how to survive, and not only survive but how to be a badass.